Welcome to steffanyoliver.ca! Steffany Oliver is a freelance writer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Steffany completed a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing in 2009, with advanced courses in English grammar, stylistics, and literature. In 2008, Steffany was awarded the Oxford University Press Book Prize for Non-Fiction Writing.

Steffany went on to study biological sciences, and has worked as an Animal Biologist since 2012. She has since completed a Certificate in Animal Welfare and is currently studying editing. This breadth of knowledge and experience inspires Steffany to produce unique pieces of writing that are polished, thoughtful, and well-informed.

Take a few moments to read some of Steffany’s writing samples, gathered here for you to explore. If there is a piece of writing you’d like Steffany to create for you, write to:












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