Steffany Oliver is a freelance writer and editor based in Vancouver, Canada.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature and creative writing, Steffany went on to study biological sciences and animal welfare. She spent several years working as an animal biologist before becoming an editor. In 2009, Steffany was awarded the Oxford University Press Prize in Creative Non-fiction. In addition to professional courses in editing, she has taken senior-level classes in grammar, stylistics, Spanish and French languages, English literature, and oceanography. Steffany’s essay “Split Pea” was recently shortlisted for EVENT magazine’s 2017 creative non-fiction contest.

Steffany is a meticulous editor and a persistent researcher with a passion for language and writing. Environmental conservation, animal welfare, genealogy, and the history of Vancouver are among her varied interests. It is her breadth of knowledge and experience that Steffany draws upon to produce work that is polished, thoughtful, and well informed.

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